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Hotels need efficient waste management and disposal.
Hire a garbage removal company you can trust.

Hotel junk removal in Toronto could include anything from mattresses to furniture and furnishings, and e-waste to paper products. Convenient dumpster rentals and a reliable garbage removal service help organize and properly dispose of all the trash.

Millennium Disposal Services and Mini Millennium Disposal provide efficient garbage removal services for hotels. Need dumpster rentals for additional garbage or a hotel renovation project? We'll take care of your needs in a professional and timely manner. Wide ranging options for bin rentals, our own waste transfer facilities and experienced staff enable us to meet varying hotel needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Whether you've got old furniture, landscape waste or need recycling service, just make the call and we'll come take it all.

How does our junk removal company help hotels maintain a clean facility?

  • Easy dumpster rentals provide a convenient and safe place to store garbage during renovations, clean-up or in an emergency disaster restoration
  • Same-day garbage removal ensures that the unsightly bins will not be lying around for days
  • Driveway-friendly disposal bins prevent any damage to property
  • Variety of garbage bins (we have roll off bins and mini bin rentals) accommodate wide-ranging needs
  • Well-trained staff deliver professional, on-time service
  • Predetermined prices protect you from any hidden charges
  • Compactor bins effectively reduce waste in 3 to 1 and 4 to 1 ratio
  • Recycling totes (32, 64 and 95 gallon) allow for better waste management
  • Low dumping and tipping fees reduce junk removal cost
  • Repeat contractors get 10% off garbage bin rentals and junk removal – fill out our repeat contractor form to start saving right away!

Hotel research shows that a single guest can generate 2 lbs of litter in a day. The larger the hotel, the more you spend on garbage removal. Bottles and cans, organic waste, cardboard, paper and wood make up a large part of the recyclable garbage. Our recycling totes are great for organic recycling or even commingled recycling such as bottles/cans and paper products.

Millennium Disposal Services and Mini Millennium Disposal offers waste auditing and recycling tote services that will help you reduce the amount your hotel sends to the landfill. You'll also save on your ongoing junk removal expenses.